Visitation Update

Visitation Updates at A.G. Rhodes

March 12, 2021

Dear Family,

As a follow up to yesterday’s communication, we continue to review updated federal visitation guidance and we are awaiting more guidance from our state regulatory partners. In the meantime, we are happy to share with you some visitation updates that are effective immediately, including:

• We are accommodating more visitation appointments.

• We can accommodate up to 4 visitors per resident per appointment.

• There is no age restriction for visitors.

• Appointment times are extended to up to one hour.

• We allow pets to visit that meet our pet policy requirements.

We look forward to accommodating more meaningful visits between our residents and their loved ones, and we will continue updating our visitation guidelines to align with federal and state requirements and recommendations. You can click here to follow updates online. Please review our visitation guidelines and instructions below to set up a visit. You may email us at if you have questions.

Kristie Davis,

A.G. Rhodes Visitation Guidelines:

The health and safety of residents, staff and visitors remain a priority, and we ask that you please read the following information thoroughly. At any time and for the protection, safety and wellbeing of residents and staff, we may suspend or cancel visits. We may also update these guidelines at any time to align and comply with updates to federal and state regulations and guidelines. Non-compliance with these guidelines may result in additional precaution/restrictions placed.

• Make your visitation appointment in advance.

• Upon arrival and before the visit start, residents and visitors must complete and pass a COVID‐19 screening process, including a visitor screening form and temperature check. Do not visit if you’re feeling unwell.

• Practice proper handwashing before you arrive.

• Hand sanitizer will be available, and visitors and residents must use it before and after the visit.

• Visitors must wear a face mask and wear it for the entirety of the visit. Visitors are encouraged to bring their own, but if you don’t have one, one will be provided. Residents will also wear a face mask.

• Practice social distancing.

• Visitation areas will be sanitized between appointments.

• Children who visit must be supervised at all times and all visitors must remain in the designated visitation area.

• If you have received a COVID-19 vaccine, please bring your vaccination card.

• Please cancel your reservation if you cannot attend so that others may reserve that time slot.

To set up a visit:

If your loved one resides on A‐Wing (aka Victoria Court) or Taylor Lane, contact Syteria Jackson at 404‐688‐6731, ext. 3318 to schedule a visit, or if you have questions about the visit.

If your loved one resides on the 2nd Floor (aka Westin Way) or Garden Trail, contact Schuvonne Williams at 404‐688‐6731, ext. 3309.